Format: Video beta digital, Colour, 52min documentary
Director: Iannis Smaragdis
Executive Production : Alexandros Film Ltd
Executive Producer: Helen Smaragdis
Production for: «Solidarity» Development Organization of GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH
Script: Panayiotis Drakopoulos
Music: Christodoulos Chalaris
Direction of Photography: Panayiotis Vasilakis
Consultant of Photography and Colour Corrections: Nikos Smaragdis
Narration: Grigoris Patrikareas
Steadicam: Timos Koronetopoulos
Assistant Steadicam: Manos Arvanitakis
Editing: Dimosthenis Raptis
Production manager: Κostas Delakouras
Photographs: Andreas Smaragdis
Sound Engineer: Dimitris Athanasopoulos
Assistant Sound Engineer: Yiorgos Farmakis
Sound editing: Power Studio
Assistant Directors: Haralampos Tsoutsas, Fotis Zambetakis
Production date: 2004

Greeks have the special fortune to live in a country of various cultural levels unique on the planet, starting from Minoan civilization of Crete to the Christian orthodox spirituality.
This, the palimpsest of civilization with the various action of stochastic adoptions as mentioned by the Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis has a numerous amount of vivid monuments
of cultural value. In this film, the Christian monuments of Greece are distinguished, not as much as architectural but as a vehicle of a higher spirituality with which the pilgrim becomes communicant of Devine. Also, through an idiomorphic aesthetic approach the artistic achievements of Hellenic Christianity are distinguished as navigator of LIGHT with the awe they give.
This navigation begins from the ancient monuments and their remains that part of them were used to build the Greek Orthodox temples in the first Christian centuries.
The aesthetic of filming had as central axis the endless movement forward, towards the light, towards Gods grace.

• Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival - Market in 2004 (IDFA)