Format: Video beta digital, colour, 45min
Director: Iannis Smaragdis
Executive production: Alexandros Film Ltd
Executive Producer: Heleni Smaragdi
Cinematography: Nikos Smaragdis, Fotis Mitsis
Music: Dimitris Papadimitriou
Art director: Damianos Zarifis
Editing: Dimosthenis Raptis
Collaboration on the script: Panayiotis Paschidis
Photographer: Andreas Smaragdis
Visual Effects: Soula Sousouni
Make-up: Stella Votsou

Cast: Alberto Fais, Antonis Antoniou, Evita Zimali, Kostas Delakouras
Narration: Grigoris Patrikareas
Production date: 2004
Production for the Municipality of Amaroussion

This film is a tribute to the first modern Greek Olympic Winner. Spyros Louis is a saint of Hellenism who embodied the loftiest values of Greece. This film seeks to portray this poor farmer from Maroussi who “demonstrated” the full meaning and essence of “fair play” as conceived by the ancient Greeks.
The film endorses the ethos of the selfless marathon runner Spyros Louis who with his life and his victory became immortal, helping the Greeks regain their lost pride and teaching them to dream again.

First International Award "Guirlande d'Honneur 2004" at the SPORT MOVIES Festival in Milan.