Format: Colour, 16 mm, 13 episodes x 30 mins.
Directed by: Iannis Smaragdis
Script: Iannis Smaragdis
Cinematography: Nikos Smaragdis
Editing: Aristidis Karydis-Fuchs
Production date: 1987

We were treated to admirable work which reveals the director's imagination, demonstrates the work of a craftsman, and called for an investigation of the subject at its heart and not on its easy outer surfaces. The sound of the bear-leader, the lonely figure of the accordion-player with his gaze full of solitude, the fairy-tale march of the band through the empty morning streets of Nafplio: these are among the most sensual things that television has shown us recently.
Kostas Kotoulas,Proti, 26 January 1987

We liked Smiling on the Way because it brought us closer to the half-forgotten figures of a city which is forever growing paler and harsher.
Anastasia Lambria